With nearly 28 million small businesses in the US, it’s disappointing that key competitors are extinguishing core small to medium-sized business (SMB) communications products. In contrast, Mitel is aggressively positioning its feature-rich MiVoice Office solution with competitive new pricing. Now, MiVoice Office is priced up to 15 percent less than the closest competition while delivering twice the number of integrated features, including:

  • Unified voice messaging with automated attendant and email synchronization
  • Intuitive audio conferencing allows for easy set up of quick, on-the-fly collaboration
  • Hot desking maximizes resources and accommodates mobile, part-time and visiting employees or partners by allowing users to log in to any phone on the network and have access to all their preferences, contacts and messages
  • Twinning enables calls to ring all identified devices simultaneously allowing the user to answer calls more quickly, as opposed to ringing through multiple devices consecutively to find the user. Then hand-off empowers users to switch from one device to another, such as a desktop phone to a mobile device, without skipping a beat or ending a call
  • Teleworker support allows employees to take calls anywhere, from their desk or on the road, with full access to all features from any device

MiVoice Office is a highly scalable solution with integrated tools and add-on modules, and is designed to maximize ROI. It includes built-in productivity enhancement features as well, encouraging business to grow and evolve within a single platform, designed with the customer in mind. 

“Customers come first at Mitel, and that includes our SMB, midmarket and enterprise customers. While we are baffled by competitors that are killing off entire product lines and retreating from the SMB and midmarket, Mitel is happy to welcome their customers with MiVoice Office, offering more functionality for less,” says Martyn Etherington, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitel.

Mitel MiVoice Office is a complete unified communications platform that enables businesses to improve customer service and boost productivity while reducing business costs.

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