It's no secret that mobility has transformed the world of business communications and will continue to do so as the adoption of mobile technologies and cloud communications grows.

Enterprise mobility is the business practice that allows employees to work in diverse locations using mobile devices, applications, and cloud communications technologies. But how are enterprise mobility practices working at large companies? What’s not working? Where are there gaps?

To find out, we teamed up with leading experts Webtorials to survey IT professionals at 231 enterprises and analyzed the impact of ineffective enterprise mobility practices on productivity, time and costs.


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The state of the market for mobility and the high cost of delaying adoption

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What you’ll learn:

  • Why those that lag in the adoption of enterprise mobility are losing up to $12,000 per employee each year
  • The cost impact of enterprise mobility by types of worker (knowledge, information, and service)
  • How just 17% of respondents have fully deployed enterprise mobility, and other essential insights
  • The business case for your enterprise mobility strategy and technology investment



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