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Partner PowerUp Series

In this episode of the Power Up series, Denise Hanson, Director, Partner Success, shares insights and anecdotes on the evolution of the Voice of the Partner initiative within Mitel. Denise shares her experiences and observations from working with and listening to our channel partners over the past 18 months. Mitel implemented the “Partner First” motion to ensure that we all work together to increase both CX (Customer Experience) and PX (Partner Experience) across the Mitel business globally. Denise personally leads the changes in engagement between Mitel team members and our partners to ensure that our customers have the best possible Mitel communications experiences.

About this Podcast: Powering up Mitel partners across the globe is the focus of this special series of insight-filled conversations. Through tangible tips and all the latest details, you'll get a greater sense of Mitel's commitment to creating relationships that are Stronger Together.

Special guest in this episode: Denise Hanson, Director, Partner Success, Mitel.

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