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Partner PowerUp Series

The partnership between a vendor and its resellers is a critical one that needs a lot of mutual trust. Each party is relying on the other to help them achieve success and livelihood. As Mitel moves to a partner-only go-to-market model, the relationships we have within our partner community have become a strong focus. In this podcast episode, Mitel VP Central Europe, Thomas Veit, gets candid about the pillars of a strong partnership and how Mitel is working to grow together with our channel.

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About this Podcast: Powering up Mitel partners across the globe is the focus of this special series of insight-filled conversations. Through tangible tips and all the latest details, you'll get a greater sense of Mitel's commitment to creating relationships that are Stronger Together.

Special guest in this episode: Thomas Veit, Regional VP of Central Europe, Mitel.

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