As video becomes the preferred channel for communication and collaboration, the benefits of incorporating it into business processes are becoming increasingly recognized by organizations. They are seeing possibilities: like two-way video helping salespersons check in on their customers for a personal touch; video conferencing transforming the patient-doctor experience in healthcare; and video making news delivery more candid than ever before.

However, as easy as it is to see the opportunities, building video into real-time communications applications has historically been challenging and time-consuming. It typically requires large up-front investments, specialized skills, and high ongoing operational costs.

To address this challenge, Mitel worked with Amazon Web Services to develop its Amazon Chime Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is breaking barriers by enabling developers around the world to extend video into workflows and productivity applications. Giri Narayanan, Sr. Software Development Manager, and Aaron Friedman, Principal Product Manager for Amazon Chime, agreed that the extensible cloud video collaboration SDK was born specifically out of the unique market need for video.

As the first-ever customer of the AWS Chime SDK, Mitel demonstrated the art of the possible by easily integrating video as part of a communications workflow. The result: a more practical, productive way to add video to the business.

Attendees at AWS re:Invent 2019 were notably pleased as they got a sneak peek of the Mitel concept.

“Many (members of the audience) told me how impressed they were with Mitel’s live video meeting demo,” said Mona Abou-Sayed, VP of Collaboration and Applications. “As we showcased the ability to easily integrate the Chime SDK video into our own meeting experience, it inspired some ideas for how businesses can use video in their own solutions.”

Mitel customer San Diego Padres, who also presented at re:Invent, shared how these types of productivity innovations can be the difference maker for a Major League Baseball organization. Ray Chan, VP of IT for the Padres, said the World Series isn't just won on the field.

“I want to be able to provide my employees with the best tools and technology to collaborate seamlessly, using voice, video or chat, and from a single vendor,” Ray Chan said. “Ultimately, our effective collaboration leads to a championship on the field.”

This announcement and the successful re:Invent demonstrations means businesses will soon be able to leverage new video-enabled applications from Mitel, as well as enable new functionality within their organizations that seamlessly connects to their Mitel solution.

Put simply, AWS brings extensive resources and capabilities across networking, analytics, AI and other technologies important to helping us power even better connections. As Mitel continues to accelerate innovation through product development, working together with a best-in-class company like AWS serves as a multiplier to Mitel's ability to serve its customers and partners. It’s just one more example of how Mitel is constantly looking for the best ways to make communications and collaboration seamless.

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