Dubbed "London's Global University", the University College London (UCL) is a large institution that draws over 40,000 students, many of whom come from abroad. Recognized as one of the Global Top 10 Universities of 2020, its 12 different faculties are spread over a campus that spans the whole of London, UK. As such, the IT division is used to "never knowing what's around the corner" and expects a steady level of excitement and challenge.

Yet, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, UCL faced one of its most significant changes in history. In a matter of weeks, they had to reroute the entire institution to function virtually. Faculty, students and staff alike had to suddenly think and function differently.

"We are moving as a division to a more agile method of working, and we are moving faster, but this has absolutely accelerated (us) beyond belief," explained Tony Slade, UCL's Head of Digital Media.

In this episode of the Making Connections Podcast, Mitel CMO David Silke and guest Tony Slade discuss how the university rethought digital education to stay the course during the Covid era.

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