RingCentral Provides A Best-In-Class Migration Path For Mitel Cloud Customers

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Zeus Kerravala | October 20, 2022

The pandemic has forever changed the way people work. Long gone are the days when everyone worked in a handful of physical locations. Today, we live in a hybrid world where workers are scattered all over the globe — some at home, some in the office, and the majority doing a combination of the two. My research has found that 51% of employees will work away from the office from two to three days a week and another 24% at least one day a week, meaning the majority of employees will maintain a hybrid work experience.

This shift in workstyle has accelerated the adoption of cloud communications. Historically, companies adopted UCaaS and CCaaS services as a cheaper way of collaborating and servicing customers. In the hybrid work era, the cloud enables companies to maintain a consistent experience across locations. This allows workers to maintain digital proximity, even when they are physically distant. The cloud is an ideal deployment model for communications as it decouples functions such as calling, meetings, and video from a physical location — making them accessible to all workers, regardless of work location. 

It's important to understand that along with this shift, the definition of cloud is changing. First generation cloud communication solutions were essentially big, hosted, co-located single tenant systems. While this met the definition of cloud, they lacked the agility necessary to deliver constant innovation.

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Many of today’s UCaaS providers are built on cloud-native technology, such as microservices and containers. These highly agile platforms enable service providers to roll out new features daily if required. However, migrating legacy systems or first-generation cloud platforms is very costly and often cumbersome, particularly as communication platforms, networks, and applications have become more complex.

Last November, Mitel announced a partnership with RingCentral as its exclusive UCaaS partner. While Mitel has provided its own UCaaS solutions for a number of years, it recognized that the capital investment required to continue to develop and deliver its own cloud migration strategy was not a prudent one. Instead, it opted to focus on innovating and delivering the offerings that have made Mitel the top UC provider globally.  Mitel’s partnership with RingCentral MVP has opened up entirely new possibilities for Mitel to grow and offer its customers a modern UC experience. 

This type of partnership model has grown increasingly common in the tech space and fits well with Mitel’s commitment to providing its customers with choice and flexibility in their communications solutions. RingCentral was a natural choice of partner for Mitel, as it has been rated as the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Unified Communications for seven consecutive years, which is a significant testament to RingCentral MVP being a superior cloud communications solution.  

Customers on legacy Mitel UCaaS solutions will have a significant advantage when migrating to RingCentral. The companies have jointly developed turn-key upgrade tools to ensure the migration experience is simple and unobtrusive. The tools also enable businesses to upgrade from Mitel to RingCentral on a timeline they are comfortable with instead of having to hot-cut users over, which creates risk. Both companies will provide support as companies shift to RingCentral by offering flexible self-serve options and access to their professional service teams. Mitel and RingCentral have also developed effective migration tools that quickly map a customer’s Mitel networks and organize phone numbers, user information, and call flow settings to facilitate the configuration of the RingCentral solution. 

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Zeus KerravalaFounder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

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