For a long time, different types of communications have lived in their own separate worlds. But as the technology advances, the lines between them are starting to blur and disappear. One of the biggest shifts is the convergence of business and mobile networks—giving rise to something called a mobile enterprise, where the lines between different modes of communications completely disappear for a seamless end-to-end experience. Why should an enterprise care that back-end systems are merging? Because it can fundamentally change the way businesses function and interact with their customers. Those that don’t will be left playing catch-up.

If you’re an IT pro, you want to see proof to back up a claim like this. Which is exactly why we did some research and compiled the facts that show just how important a mobile enterprise approach is to every enterprise’s continued success.

Hal Werner

Manager of Digital Marketing & Strategy

As a digital marketer and content strategist, Hal Werner shapes online experiences to help people find information they can use to make more informed technology decisions.

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