New to business VoIP? You’ll quickly learn that it’s more than a phone system. The right solution is a powerful tool that improves productivity, enhances customer service and makes communications flow seamlessly throughout your organization.

Not sure where to find something, or curious how to get the most out of your system? Here are the most common topics our support staff train on every day.

Q: Where can I see and manage all the functions on my phone?

The beauty of business VoIP is that no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can manage your phone system via a web-accessible portal. Once you log in with your email address and password, you’ll find your personal home page. That’s where you can see your call log, voicemail, contacts, assigned line buttons, emergency location and shortcuts to your phone settings. If you like, you can customize your view to quickly access the information you need.

Q: My voicemail box is overflowing. How can I manage voicemails when I can’t listen to them immediately?

Visual Voicemail allows you to see and review the details of your voicemails, such as caller name, phone number and date/time of the call – right on your phone.

If you’re away from your desk or on the road, you can forward your voicemail to a different device and choose to delete the forwarded message. “Listened to” messages won’t fill up your voicemail box any longer.

How often have you had to listen to a voicemail several times to capture its key information? MiCloud Connect Scribe emails you transcriptions of voicemail messages, along with a .wav audio file. You can read the transcribed message and even listen to it without logging into the voicemail system. What’s more, you can search sort, file or flag messages for follow-up, just as you do with email.

What’s this all add up to? Fewer voicemails cluttering your life, better productivity and less stress.

Q: How can I see all my inbound and outbound calls?

Via the web portal, MiCloud Connect users can view and search their call log. Each one is tagged with key information such as date and time, length of the call, the caller’s phone number whether it was inbound or outbound, the name of the person called, the location of the number, and whether or not the call was internal.

With all that information at your fingertips, you can easily search your call log for specific times, people or other data.

Q: How can I record calls so that I can review them later?

MiCloud Connect enables recording of most calls. Accessible via the web portal, recordings are available for playback almost immediately after a call ends. You can even add remarks to the recording, which is great for capturing the key points of that client discussion.

Also, call recordings are searchable -- another way to make your life easier – and you can even find related call recordings. The recordings are available for one year or more and are downloadable to your computer or file server.

Q: How do I let colleagues and customers know my availability and receive their calls no matter where I am or on which device?

With an increasingly mobile workforce, it’s essential for calls to be routed to wherever an employee happens to be. With business VoIP, you can configure different settings for a variety of scenarios: available, in a meeting, out of the office, on vacation, do not disturb or something customized.

So, for example, maybe you’re away from your desk and on the factory floor. You can set your availability so that all calls are forwarded to your mobile phone. In a meeting? Program your extension to forward calls to a colleague. That way, customers don’t have to wait for answers. In and out all day? Simultaneous Ring allows calls to simultaneously ring on different devices. Whether you’re at your desk or having lunch out, the call finds you.

And there’s more. Let’s say you want calls from a specific number or caller automatically forwarded to you, no matter where you are. A cloud phone system lets you forward calls based on that criteria. You can also customize which calls go to voicemail or to a different number.

Q: I’m stuck in a conference call that’s going long and I have another appointment to run to. Can I stay on the call?

Call Move allows users to switch from one device to another without disrupting their conversation. Calls can be moved from your primary phone to another configured for simultaneous ring or vice versa. You can also switch the call audio from your Bluetooth-paired mobile phone to your desktop phone.

Q: How do I set up a conference call?

As part of MiCloud Connect, you can easily set up conference calls using a dedicated conference bridge number that all participants, internal and external, can dial into. You can even record the call to catch all the information that came out during the discussion.

However, business VoIP delivers more than just audio conference calls. Participants can share screens and files. It supports small party video calls and large-scale audio conferencing. To improve the meeting, group chat and 1:1 chat add another yet layer of communications. All of this is available via a web portal so employees can call in or schedule meetings from any device and any location.

Q: How can my team and I collaborate without using third-party applications?

Life is complicated enough. You shouldn’t have to search for third-party apps to get additional functionality. And you don’t have to. When your team needs a virtual “workspace” where members can easily communicate and collaborate, MiCloud Connect offers Teamwork, a collaborative tool for any size team, project or event.

Think of this example: You start a project that involves a dozen colleagues from four different departments. What would normally be an exercise in herding cats is suddenly manageable. In Teamwork, project members can communicate in a dedicated space, separate from their overflowing email boxes. They can send messages to each other individually, or to the entire group. Sharing files or setting up conference calls is a breeze. And when new members are brought onboard, they can see all previous communications and files, which helps them get up to speed faster.

Teamwork is also available via a mobile app so you won’t miss a thing when you’re on the road.

Q: As a call center supervisor, I have to monitor and mentor employees on customer calls. How do I do this with business VoIP?

MiCloud Connect offers two features, Silent Monitor and Silent Coach, that help you help your employees. Silent Monitor enables you to monitor agent calls. They can hear the other call participants, but no one hears you or even knows the call is being monitored.

Using Silent Coach, you can patch into another user’s active call and communicate with them. The agent is the only one who can hear you. You can also switch easily between Silent Monitor and Silent Coach functions on the same call. If the two of you need to chat, the agent can place the original call on hold, then continue or end the call after your discussion.

Q: My team has to share covering phones and handling incoming calls. How can we do this seamlessly and maintain excellent customer service?

In today’s demanding service economy, not being able to reach the person who can answer a customer’s question is unacceptable.

Let’s say your team is responsible for answering calls about billing. With Pickup Groups, if a team member steps away from their desk, the call can be answered by any other extension in that Pickup Group. The agent can even pick up calls at another desk.

Today’s small- to medium-sized businesses have to stretch their dollar. Sometimes that means having multiple employees answer incoming calls. For example, you may have two assistants be responsible for covering the main line, even though they sit at opposite ends of the building. With Extension Monitoring, when one assistant can see when the other is unavailable and answer any incoming calls. It’s seamless to the customer, who only wants to reach the right person as soon as possible.

You don’t have to be a large company to enjoy the flexibility and functions of sophisticated communications system. With business VoIP, all those features are at your fingertips, enabling your company to communicate effectively.

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