Unlocking Comprehensive Unified Communications with Mitel and Microsoft Teams

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Javier Garcia-Plata | January 09, 2024

Microsoft Teams is a strong market leader in collaboration solutions. Its native integration with Microsoft 365 is one of the reasons for its rapid growth to an estimated 300 million users.

But unified communications is much more than messaging and videoconferencing. It also includes call management, workflows, auto attendants, customer service, multiplatform interactions, security, etc. This presents an opportunity for customers to leverage best in class providers like Mitel, who every day focus all their development on the depth of unified communications and customer experience solutions.

Mitel showcases robust integrations with Microsoft productivity applications, like Outlook (mail, calendar, and directory), Dynamics 365, Entra ID, Active Directory, and Teams. The integration with Teams is incredibly ambitious with advanced features such as real-time bi-directional presence synchronization, up to 100 user-created speed dials, use in any device (Mitel softphone, mobile, and desktop device), direct integration with voicemail, access to corporate directory, and personal contacts.

But it is not just that Mitel voice solutions can work very well with Teams. Mitel adds significant value to companies and users that rely on Teams. Mitel offers a unique technology that provides smooth and complete integration with Teams and allows unparalleled deployment options, excellent voice quality, reliability and resilience performance, security and updates, and even easy integration with other third-party applications. Mitel offers an extra layer of reliability, as our voice solutions operate independently of the status of the servers that run Teams.

Mitel is the Cost-effective Option

Mitel Assistant, available on the Microsoft App Store and free for Mitel customers, enhances the robust integration of all Mitel platforms with Teams.

Microsoft customers must choose an Office 365 E5 license or the Teams Phone plan to enjoy phone solutions through Teams. Those phone solutions generate a marginal cost that is often overlooked. The price of phone solutions through Teams is readily apparent in the European markets. Because of formal antitrust investigations, Microsoft was mandated to unbundle Microsoft Teams from Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites for business customers. While several packages are available for them, costs have increased for these businesses.

Partners can showcase how Mitel, as a subscription or as a perpetual license, is the best option compared to the marginal cost of phone solutions with Teams. Not to mention that Mitel customers can keep using their existing devices and softphones, that there is no need to re-install the voice platform they enjoy, and that our Software Assurance packages cover security and updates for the Teams integration. In other words, Mitel customers can optimize their existing investments in voice platforms while embracing Teams.

For companies already operating with Mitel, adopting Teams is easy, and they will continue benefiting from their investment in Mitel’s continuously updated and secure technology.

Mitel Partners can always work with users to identify the best option. Find a Mitel partner to explore powerful, cost-effective options.

Javier Garcia-PlataSenior Product Marketing Manager

Javier Garcia-Plata joined Mitel in 2022 as Senior Product Marketing Manager, bringing rich experience in customer strategy, business digitalization, and strategic new business development, leveraged in global companies including Canon, SunChemical, and Pearson. In his role as a product marketer, Javier helps to improve the experience of partners and users worldwide working with Mitel.

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