In a previous post, I highlighted how ShoreTel’s solution is fundamentally different from other solutions on the market today. It was built from scratch resulting in ease of deployment, management, scalability and use - all of which drives to the lowest TCO in the industry.

These are all product differentiators but the other fundamental difference between ShoreTel, the company, and other companies offering business communication solutions, is the passion within.

ShoreTel employees “bleed orange.”

We all believe in the solution we offer. We all believe in the benefits it will bring to an organization. We all believe our customers deserve only the best. We believe this not because our leadership team tells us to, but we believe it because we see it with our own eyes.

We see the ease of our solution when compared to other solutions. We see the benefits - the cost savings, the increased productivity organizations gain when they deploy our solution. We see how thrilled our customers are.  We see the positive effects our solution makes for the IT teams and the users alike.  And because we see the positive effects, our passion fuels our determination to share it with the world.

Orange is the color of our passion and as Donald Trump once said “without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.

ShoreTel has it all and we hope everyone else will get it eventually!

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