We begin to deliver upon the vision of seamless communications and collaboration for the connected mobile enterprise with our initial launch of Embedded Communications with FieldAware, a leading field service management mobile application. The solution integrates contact center, CRM, field service management, real-time communications and mobile messaging technologies.

Consider a manufacturing company that experiences an outage in its production line due to a malfunction of a critical piece of heavy machinery. The operations manager contacts the equipment manufacturer for service. Imagine the service level delivered to this customer if:


  1. The initial request via phone, web chat or mobile messaging immediately identifies the customer, matches records and identifies the initial sale of the equipment within the equipment company’s CRM system.
  2. Instantaneously, the field service management system has the details of the outage and need of service through integration of the CRM system and the field service management application.
  3. Within minutes, an available and qualified field service technician can be notified of the outage, the location and the potential supply list needed for repair.
  4. The location of the field technician is intersected with traffic conditions to notify the operations manager via mobile messaging of the field tech’s name, when to expect him on site and a second notification is received when the tech arrives on site.
  5. The field tech has the capability to roam from mobile network to Wi-Fi network coverage to use the field service management application and communications capabilities on a mobile or tablet.
  6. The field tech finds available experts within their company, communicates with them, shares video of the problem, and resolves difficulties when conducting repair, so the job is accomplished first time, every time.
  7. Upon completion of the work, the field tech closes out the job with the operations manager. The act of closing out the job adds context to the customer’s account and previous work.
  8. The equipment manufacturer has a record of all work and communications–whether voice, messaging or video. The company also has location and timestamped records attached to the customer’s


Each Embedded Communications activity adds additional context to data captured from previous work conducted by the equipment manufacturer. The customer’s expectations are properly set at each stage of service. The field tech has the ability to solve the problem or seek advice with a high degree of information via mobile applications and communications right at the job site. In this example, there is potential for real-time service responsiveness, a better chance to complete the job the first time and greater potential for incrementing jobs into a field service worker’s day.

In summary, the field service tech, dispatcher and administration staff are able to better serve the customer with Mitel- and FieldAware-enabled seamless communications and collaboration because the company has become a field service connected mobile enterprise.

embedded communications in a connected mobile enterprise white paper


Josh Haslett

Vice President of Business Development

Joshua Haslett has more than two decades of experience helping customers improve business outcomes by applying leading-edge technology solutions, including artificial intelligence, cloud architectures, mobile-first and IoT-enabled unified communications. In his current role, Joshua is responsible for delivering cloud applications and services that enable companies to digitally transform their businesses. For over ten years, Joshua has worked at Mitel in sales, marketing, product and sales engineering leadership roles.

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