For years now, small workgroups and contact centers have turned to MiContact Center Office, a platform designed for contact centers or workgroups with up to 100 agents. It helps small businesses compete with larger organisations by efficiently monitoring, managing and distributing customer enquiries. It provides all the essentials.

So how do you take a great a product and make it even better?

For starters, we’ve modernized the user interface, so that it’s now fully part of the Mitel family in the way it looks, feels and operates. This includes logos, the color pallet, icons and support for the latest Windows common controls (buttons, tabs, etc).

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We have included a new option for the Intelligent Router “rule action” and Reporter (automated and ad-hoc) reports to be sent via email using SMTP routed through a server. This not only alleviates the need to install anything on the server (thus simplifying support); it also means a server-delivered email message can associate a system-defined “from” address rather always attaching the sending desktop client (agent) address. MAPI support is also still available.

A brand new easy-to-use backup utility has been created, to fully automate the process of storing multiple backups of the solution to help minimize the risk of data loss from a hardware or software failure.  This new backup utility can store backups on the local server or a network drive.

Lastly, the Callviewer add-in for Microsoft Outlook has been updated to support Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 32-bit.

To learn more our entry-level platform for contact centers or workgroups with up to 100 agents, please visit our MiContact Center Office page >


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