The number of businesses moving to the cloud continues to climb. Mitel alone has experienced the swell, reaching over 4.7 million cloud users globally, contributing to the widely noted industry stat of 27% growth year over year.

The obvious reason is our culture of communication. With people checking their mobile devices every six minutes and expecting instant, personalized responses with each interaction, businesses are feeling the pressure to transform their communications systems in kind.

"The need for seamless communications and collaboration has never been greater," said Mitel executive Daniel Farrar. "Every business is digitally transforming to accelerate productivity, increase customer loyalty through better experiences and gain a competitive edge."

Tino Cafaro, Managing Director for Mitel customer, the GmbH & Co. KG. agrees, saying for him the drive is for more ubiquitous access to people, data and things. "For our small and agile customers, using mobile communications technology is critical to driving employee productivity and a wider culture of innovation."

Customer expectations have never been greater. In 2019, 59% of customers said they had higher expectations for customer support than they had a year earlier. According to Salesforce, 73% of customers want companies to understand their needs and expectations (but 52% feel the experience remains impersonal).

Customer Experience Rules

In a culture where customer experience is king, the urgency to provide a Tweet-worthy consumer interaction has intensified. The fastest-moving companies are experiencing significant benefits from the moment they go to the cloud. 80% of companies report an improvement to their operations within the first few months of adopting cloud technology. A RapidScale study also found that 94% of companies experienced greater security after migrating to the cloud.

All are up against the challenge of moving to the cloud and experiencing those business benefits in the shadow of their legacy IP environment. Delving fully into strategy mode, high-performing companies are spending the time, money and energy to assess their current infrastructure and plan the best way to proceed. They are looking to gain the benefits of cloud without having to start all over, become burdened with expensive deployment models or get locked in for years with a specific vendor.

The Choice is Yours

Mitel understands this well. Our next-gen cloud offering uniquely provides choice: public, private or hybrid. And this is an approach that businesses across the globe have responded to.

Since Synergy Research Group's Cloud Market Growth Report began in 2012, Mitel has dominated the top spot as the communications and collaboration vendor of choice for organizations worldwide. According to the 2019 Synergy report, Mitel was #1 in total cloud seats worldwide for the seventh consecutive year, over 1.5 million seats ahead of the next closest competitor.

"We were looking for a simpler and more advanced way for employees, partners and customers to engage and communicate," said Matt West, CEO at Feefo, a Mitel customer. "Our business is built on empowering customers to make more intelligent buying decisions and a cloud-based communications and collaboration solution was the relevant and future-proof alternative."

Built on the Google Cloud Platform for optimum security and reliability, Mitel’s cloud solutions provide advanced AI, machine learning and analytics. With robust public, private and hybrid cloud options, Mitel is uniquely positioned to help each customer deliver the cloud communications and collaboration they need to achieve their business goals.

Moving to Cloud is Key

In the race to stay competitive, it's clear that moving to the cloud is imperative. As cloud-adoption stats continue to climb, the urgency to digitally transform is too. And yet it's the move to the cloud that has many businesses stumped.

The good news is that there are options for every business, with any kind of legacy environment, and at any stage of digital transformation. So, getting to the cloud is not only possible, but doable. And you can choose the migration path that works for you.

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