The conflict of work and life events is an age-old conundrum that faces us all. It’s the choice between a project meeting and a daughter’s soccer game; a work conference or our best friend’s birthday party.

As much as you want to say that, you’ll prioritize your daughter’s soccer game or your best friend’s party, that can’t always be the case. You may realize that if you miss this project meeting, you won’t be able to present to your boss, and then you may not be able to go to that conference in Florida. Or that if you bypass a conference you might miss out on networking opportunities or new skills for your job. That’s when the choice can feel impossible. Advance your career or celebrate your daughter/best friend?

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Well, you’re not alone in this struggle. 80 percent of today’s workforce is deskless. Every working person has tried to balance their professional and personal demands. In this fast-paced society where we’re running all the time, most of us don’t even know what down time is anymore. We need a way to communicate and collaborate easily, no matter where we are, so we can keep up.

Go mobile, first

Instead of letting the conflict of life versus work take its toll, take this opportunity to put mobility first and find a communications system that enables you to work from anywhere. With the right system, you can stay productive, even while being there for those important to you.

MiCloud Connect focuses on ease of use and was built for the mobile workstyle, empowering users to work more efficiently and productively, no matter their location. Collaborate with others seamlessly by leveraging the power of unified communications, so you can work from your smartphone on a project while on the sidelines of your daughter’s game or while setting up your best friend’s birthday party.

Make balancing life and work easy

An easy to deploy system with plug-and-play functionality, like MiCloud Connect, is a critical part of your team by managing your move to the cloud. Look for a solution with streamlined features and intuitive interfaces so users can easily interact with each other and not have to focus on making the software work.

Have it all

Get more done faster and with less hassle by looking for a fully-hosted, end-to-end communications solution that blends traditional phone system features like call transferring and extension dialing with instant messaging, conferencing, video and even screen sharing, allowing you to save time, reduce travel and efficiently collaborate. You can stay connected wherever you go with a system designed to increase productivity and bring teams together, like MiCloud Connect.

Beyond standard communications tools, make sure your solution includes a mobile app. With the MiCloud Connect Mobile App, you can view your dashboard for upcoming events, recent activities and join meetings with a single tap. Plus, with cross-launch capabilities to Mitel Teamwork, you are always available for instant messaging and conferencing. 

Work isn’t a destination anymore. It happens wherever you happen to be. Today’s modern professional is working from home or while on the go. You have to be able to respond to your colleagues quickly and your business communications should be able to support real-time collaboration, securely. How you work is more important than where you work.

You have the ability to work from anywhere and be even more productive with a collaboration and communication system like MiCloud Connect.

Next time you’re concerned about missing a hangout or a family game day, remember that you can work from anywhere, easily, with MiCloud Connect. >

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