What Is Artificial Intelliegence?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an extended member of computer science that is involved with building smart machines that are capable of duties, usually requiring human knowledge. It is a rapidly growing technology that impacts the lives and actions of businesses and individuals. AI technology has seamlessly been integrated into business phone systems, streamlining inquiries, and providing consistent customer care. Chatbots and agent-assist technologies enable a higher capacity for small and mid-sizes businesses, allowing them to compete with larger enterprises.


How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?


Human thought and rationality is the goal to which intelligent machines strive. Their reaction aims to be rational and comparative to a human's response. Smart algorithms make this possible. Either a programmer or another computer creates a rule or algorithm for the AI software to identify patterns in data and act accordingly. Fast processing speed and human-like interaction is the result.


Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence


AI software can assist your business with simple, routine tasks. A Gartner study reported that 70 percent of digital commerce businesses say their AI programs are "very or extremely successful." Most customers are happy to speak to a robot and even place orders if the AI assistant is equipped with the right information, showing a rise in customer satisfaction and business revenue. Examples of where your business might use AI:

  • AI assistants direct calls to the relevant department.
  • Multilingual areas benefit by having an AI assistant who can speak in different languages and direct calls to fluent agents.
  • Virtual agents train your staff and assess their calls AI assistants can conduct marketing calls
  • Data capturing by AI systems evaluate customer needs, allowing you to improve products and services.
  • AI technology can answer frequent inquiries.
  • Tracking customer needs and information so that human agents can take over a call without the client having to repeat themselves.
  • AI technology can detect customer sentiment and provide tips to human agents on how to handle the call, i.e., "talk slower."


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


While many are skeptical of the AI revolution, there are benefits to embracing the intelligent machines in our lives. A collaboration between humans and AI technology can streamline your business functions. With the influence of AI, your business can provide faster service, valuable insight, and analytics of callers. Your team can become more effective in their roles when client data is captured and presented to them by the time the caller reaches them. Mundane tasks and data capturing can be done for you so that team members can get on with more important projects. And this is only the tip of AI capabilities.

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