What Is Conferencing?


Conferencing is when you conduct a real-time, virtual meeting with two or more participants from various locations, locally or internationally via a conference bridge. You can conduct conferencing via a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Internet Protocol (IP), or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection, and this function is standard on most business phone systems.


Types of Conferencing


Primary conferencing types include audio or teleconferencing and video conferencing. Other types include webinars, web tours, and virtual classrooms. Conferences operate via either a point-to-point system or a multi-point system. Point-to-point systems enable communication between two participants, while multi-point ones have more than three participants.


How Conferencing Works


If you’re hosting an audio conference, you'll need to obtain your conference bridge numbers, set your default language and PIN length, create dial-in numbers for your attendees, and send your invitations. Join a teleconference call by dialing your number and entering your unique participant ID. With video conferencing, you’ll need your mobile phone or laptop, and a video conferencing service. Invite your guests to join the conference. This invitation should include your scheduled meeting date, a dial-in number for your guests, and a guest access code. Set the agenda early so your guests come prepared. To attend a video conference hosted by someone else, use your dial-in number with your access code to join.


Advantages of Conferencing


Enjoy the following benefits when you use conferencing:

  • Eradicate background noise and interruptions by muting attendees with keypad commands.
  • Save records of your meetings for future references and for those unable to attend by recording your conference.
  • Save resources, time, and money on traveling to and fro to physical meetings.
  • Share files with attendees where any authorized participant can make immediate revisions.
  • Edits are done in real-time and participants can discuss this via the video feed.


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