What is Voice Conferencing?


Running a business requires a constant stream of communication. Often, more than two people are needed to plan, negotiate, or brainstorm new and current developments in your company's success. Voice conferencing, also known as teleconferencing, is where two or more people in different locations use technology or telephone lines to conduct a group conversation.


How To Use Voice Conferencing


Voice conferencing is different from traditional phone calls in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them. Each person can listen in and give input as necessary. Voice conferences can happen with scheduling or minimal planning. Voice conferencing can also take place over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), using internet technology to connect multiple parties around the world. For voice conferencing to occur, all the attendees must have the conferencing software installed on their devices. If a telephone is used, all phones need to have the ability to voice conference so that multiple attendees can be present. Users also need to have access to fast internet or data connection, as well as a speaker and microphone.


Benefits & Advantages of Voice Conferencing


The benefits of conducting a voice conference are numerous. Reduced travel expenses give way to strong attendance, and the ability to attend or host a meeting from anywhere in the world is convenient. Conference rooms have become a virtual platform, negating the need for large boardrooms. Voice conferencing is a sustainable and productive way to meet as a team and discuss actions for business.


Advanced Voice Conferencing Features


Many voice conferencing products may also come with online collaboration elements, like screen-sharing capabilities, or the ability to instant message the entire group or individuals. The ability to record the conference call is beneficial for minute-taking and referencing. Roll call capabilities assist hosts in assuring that everyone is present for a thorough briefing.


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