Commonwealth of Kentucky

Contract Number: 758 1300000894 1 

Contract Verification Link: N/A

Contract Term: 03/01/2013 – 02/28/2018

Contract Eligibility:
The purpose of this Contract is to provide voice hardware and services to Kentucky's Public School Districts, the Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB), the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD), and the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet which includes but is not limited to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) and the Kentucky  Educational Television (KET) and the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE).

E-Rate Eligible Categories
Telephone System Hardware, Auto Attendant I Voicemail, Operating System Software, Cables/Accessories, Installation I Initial Configuration, Training (Technician/System Admin Training), Maintenance (Hardware) Support, Maintenance (Software) Support

Non E-Rate Eligible Categories
Telephone Handsets, Voice Training (End User), Voice Professional Services, Voice Accessories, Mobility Software, voice End-User Software
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