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Cosval Group

Cosval Group was struggling with a phone system with limited functionalities that caused downtime and business inefficiency. They needed a new solution that was reliable, cost-effective, easy to manage, and provided a quality of service that matched their luxury brand identity. 

Cosval Group had an ageing telephony system, which was becoming expensive to run and maintain. Its limited functionality was no longer meeting the company requirements to cope with the current needs of its customers, suppliers, sales representatives, agents and distributors. They frequently experienced service failures and, therefore, a significant dissatisfaction of both employees and customers due to time wasted from having to reconnect. 

Cosval needed to upgrade to a modern communications solution that could provide efficiency, ease of use and reliable service for all its offices and warehouses and deliver an exceptional user and customer experience in accordance with the reputation of their luxury brands. After visiting Mitel’s showroom in Milan to see Mitel’s phone systems and a live demo on UCC solutions, Cosval Group saw Mitel’s MiVoice Office 400 system, IP Phones and collaboration tools offered the perfect solution.

  • Replace an aging phone system with limited functionalities causing downtime and business inefficiency 
  • Collaborate with mobile and remote employees 
  • Minimize employee downtime and increase productivity 
  • New phone system that is easy to use, administer and support 
  • Evolve communications and customer service according to their luxury brand identity 
  • Boosted team collaboration 
  • Reduction in time to contact customers 
  • Enhanced efficiency and internal communications due to presence and communication between all branches and mobile employees and less time transferring calls 
  • Increased mobility across facilities due to quality wireless solution that enables workers to access information quickly 
  • Improved safety due to DECT functionality (e.g., man down) 

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