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Great Ocean Road Real Estate

Brad Weetman believes that great customer service requires effective teamwork. Weetman is the Finance Director for Great Ocean Road Real Estate, an innovative Australian real estate agency. The real estate agency has four offices across the region, providing property sales, property management, and short-term holiday lettings.

To reduce the need for employee travel between offices along with ongoing communications costs, Weetman decided to migrate to a Mitel® MiCollab Solution. After going through a rigorous cost analysis, Weetman found that a Mitel solution would immediately pay for itself by reducing total monthly communications expenses, while improving customer service delivery and reducing the need for employee travel.

“We crunched the numbers and found that by moving to Mitel we could spend less every month, while providing all of our employees with the latest unified communications and conferencing tools,” said Brad Weetman, Finance Manager, Great Ocean Road Real Estate. “Our Mitel solution paid for itself with immediate cost savings.”

  • Reduce ongoing communications costs 
  • Improve call handling for  customer inquiries 
  • Reduce need for employees to frequently travel between offices 
  • Significant reduction in ongoing costs 
  • Presence information across offices for all employees 
  • Improved conferencing and information sharing, reducing need for travel 

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