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Intelling Limited is a business processing outsource service, founded in 2012 by six industry veterans. Looking to establish itself as an industry expert and expand globally, Intelling teamed up with Mitel to power its customer experience.

“Having a telephony platform that could recognize and prioritize an inbound call over the outbound call activity has enabled us to significantly increase conversation rates and drive efficiency by having one combined campaign rather than two bespoke campaigns,” said CEO Phil Morgan. “So, from the commercial perspective – reducing costs – while from the performance perspective – increasing conversion – has had a significant improvement on the overall business profitability.”

  • Ability to expand globally from initial focus on UK market 
  • Leverage monitoring & reporting tools to help everyone in the business reach their potential 
  • Combine efficiencies & productivity with protection from ever-growing regulation and compliance 
  • Simplified deployment to get new locations up and running quickly, so as to deliver significant competitive advantage 
  • Owner’s desire to sleep well at night knowing that, upon waking up in the morning, the system will be working without a hitch 
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting & data identify targeted coaching needs 
  • Efficiencies between inbound and outbound call handling 
  • Cost savings by having one overall campaign, rather than separate inbound & outbound initiatives 
  • Improved conversion rate has a significant positive impact on profitability 

I'm Phil Morgan. I'm the Chief Executive Officer for Intelling. Intelling was founded three years ago. And the intention was to be a business processing outsourcer, focusing mainly on the UK market with ambitions to move into overseas territories.

We started the company from a very kind of blueprint perspective, bringing together some industry experts in their fields to create a new business with a new way of working and to deliver those outsourcing processes.

We needed to choose a system that could integrate both inbound and the outbound contact center activity. Critical to our decision making process was to select a partner in a system that could operate in what's becoming a very heavily regulated environment. In terms of, certainly in outbound, the regulations of acting compliantly within the territories in which you're operating. So when we purchase a system, one of the critical activities that we wanted to do was to gain efficiencies between blending both inbound call handling and outbound call handling. And having the telephony platform that can recognize and prioritize an inbound call over the outbound call activity, has enabled us to significantly increase conversion rates and drive efficiencies by having one combined company rather than two bespoke companies. So from a commercial perspective, reducing costs. While from a performance perspective, increasing conversion has other significant improvements on the overall business profitability.

Well, when Intelling launched we wanted to kind of look at new and better ways in which an outsourcing company could actually operate to gain advantage. Critical to the operations that we have as a business is, we're very people focused. The performance of our people absolutely determines the success of Intelling. So when we launched the business, it was very much around people development and how can we enable our employees and our staff. The opportunity for them to reach their potential.

Critical to being able to do that is all the coaching and management that surrounds in taking an employee from never potentially worked in a contact center all the way to being a senior manager in a contact center. And where the system has helped us to do that is in all the data, and all the real time reporting that we're able to drive from the system. We're able to identify coaching needs and we've been able to target coaching needs, and deploy the coaching in a way that gets the best out of people, has enabled individuals to grow. And with individuals growing, has enabled the business to grow. So from three years ago having a group of six senior managers developing a business plan, three years later, we're employing 350 people across four sites. And the benefit that we received from the Mitel system and the campaign manager has been the easy deployment to be able to get new locations, up and running in minimum amounts of time connected all together and working as efficiently as if everybody was in the same environment.

The Mitel platform has enabled Intelling to grow from a new business, to employing 350 people. Turning over 8 million pound a year, in a compliant performance-driven manner. And actually helps me sleep better at night knowing that I can wake up in the morning to a system that I know is gonna work.

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