American luxury fashion brand John Varvatos Enterprises designs, manufactures, and retails high-end men’s clothing and accessories. Founded in 2000 and employing over 270 people, the organization has design shops, offices, and store locations around the world.




John Varvatos deployed RingCentral’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system across its entire organization, including international offices, design studios, and retail locations. The company realized both monetary and times savings across all departments. Nucleus found that by transitioning away from an on-premise legacy phone system to a cloud-based service, the organization reduced its annual phone system costs by 18 percent and saved its IT department more than 350 hours a year. 




After years of use, the legacy phone system had become a mixture of phone lines from multiple carriers. As the organization grew, the phone system could not scale along with its growth. In addition, it was becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to manage. Employees often experienced dropped calls and had difficulty in finding coworkers’ numbers. The helpdesk spent the bulk of its time addressing phone related issues, and HR would spend more than two hours installing phones for each new hire. The legacy system’s lack of functionality in terms of call routing, conference calling, consolidated phone directory, mobile support, and solution integration was impeding communication. Within the office, users would spend, on average, 10 to 15 minutes each
day searching for coworkers’ numbers. Wholesale sales teams also experienced difficulty manually managing customer contact information. 



John Varvatos began searching for a dedicated phone system in 2016 and considered Vonage, 8x8, and RingCentral. John Varvatos selected RingCentral for two main reasons:

- Cloud-based centralized system. RingCentral is a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution that delivers a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. The vendor supports multiple communication channels through their cloud platform, allowing John Varvatos to eliminate the number of needed phone numbers and extensions. Through the cloud platform, the organization added new phones at a fraction of the costs and manages the phone system with greater ease. The new phones docked directly into users’ computers, and technicians non-longer needed to navigate an on-premise network’s confusing conglomeration of phone lines.

- Easy-to-use interface and features. John Varvatos needed a phone system that was easy to use to reduce on-boarding and training time. RingCentral’s system was so intuitive, John Varvatos did not need a formal training process for the new phone system and reported that employees learned to use the new phones within minutes.


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