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Milwaukee Brewers™

The Milwaukee Brewers™ were searching for a scalable, feature-rich communications solution that would boost productivity across the board, and Mitel IP phones were just what they needed to knock it out of the park.

“Right before we moved to Mitel, we were running into support issues, availability of parts and other constraints because of the legacy PBX system we had,” said Corey Kmichik, Director of Network Services. “That started our search for a replacement phone system that could provide an easier, more modern experience.”

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    • Outdated PBX phone system offered very few features, inhibiting productivity
    • The organization was expanding, but their phone system couldn’t scale easily and cost-effectively
    • Working on the go, from home or from different locations was far from seamless for coaches, players, scouts and corporate staff
    • Improved call metrics with better data gathering features
    • Dramatically increased contact center productivity and efficiency
    • Greater connectivity across locations
    • Improved ability to work remotely
    • Increased scalability for a more flexible future

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