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With a growing and varied network of dealers, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the right products for everyone. Some of PanOrion’s dealers were servicing small storefront businesses who wanted a simple and inexpensive solution, while others were servicing large enterprise companies with offices across North America, which required feature-rich SIP telephones and equipment to replace their antiquated PBX systems.

“Every company had quality products to offer, but Aastra was the only one who had the breadth of products, quality and price that made sense for us,” said CEO Roy Bradshaw. “They were the complete package we were looking for."

  • Streamline their operations by standardizing on a single line of SIP phones
  • One-stop shopping 
  • A complete line of SIP telephones suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • A quality line of products that PanOrion and their dealer network can trust 
  • Simplified operations through a streamlined product offering 

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