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In order for Weightmans to become a true technology-focused firm, a new phone system was necessary. The firm’s previous phone system used legacy equipment with a mix of analogue and digital handsets, and purchasing obsolete equipment proved to be both difficult and expensive.

“The challenge of deploying IP was in persuading the board to approve it," said Stuart Whittle, IS and Operations Director. "At a fundamental level, we had a phone system that worked, and I wanted to replace it with a phone system that works. Put in those sort of terms, it is not a particularly attractive sell. I had wanted to install IP for about three or four years and I couldn’t get the figures to stack up in such a way that I would even be prepared to go to the board."

    • Deploy a future-proof communications platform 
    • Reduce costs 
    • Discover new ways of enhancing business processes 
    • Improve client services 
    • A single communications platform to add on applications when required
    • Reduced costs by using the Mitel Total Solutions finance program
    • Discovered new ways of working with hot desking and home working
    • Improved client service and first call resolution rates

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