Ambrian Capital Case Study

Providing corporate finance, stockbroking, and commodity trading services to a range of clients, the Ambrian Capital team explains how Mitel Business Phones helps them to be the best.

Below is the video transcription:

Hello, Ambrian.


My name's Mike Dack. I'm the operations manager at Ambrian. We're a small investment bank of about 70 people. We have a number of traders and remote workers. The Mitel kit we put in has allowed the traders to work from home, which is very, very important for us, and it's been a great success. 

The principal reason for choosing the system was the ability to put together groups of people to operate over a client business. We are delivering a service to our clients, it's very important that the clients talk to somebody, go direct to the right place, they don't have to hunt around the office, we don't have to leave lots of voice mails.

We used to suffer dreadfully with one line into a telephone where when we get really busy, I mean, we need four or five. And this thing is quite capable of stacking them up into all the dealers across the desk.

It does exactly what we want it to.

The users have always said it's quite easy to use and it's quite simple, the handsets are simple, and the user interface is easy to work out. 

I like the idea that I can see quite clearly what's going on here even from a distance. I tend to have my attention focused on the dealings screen, not on the phone system. Very rarely do I get a wrong number. Things work quite nicely for us.

We had the Turret Trader phones for the traders, and we had desk phones for the rest of the staff. We have phones, 5560 is the one that we've got most of, and we had about a dozen telephones as well.

I like it basically for two main reasons. Its voice clarity, when you're in a noisy dealing room then it helps to have a clear phone. Other systems, you know, it's who's that, what, you can't hear. And the ability to store broken numbers, you can dial a speed without having to go to the SVX book.

Primarily it makes the traders life a bit easier, which is our number one concern.

The thing about a phone system, you don't know if it ain't working and if it ain't working, then it costs you money. We've had no trouble with this.

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