Coca-Cola United Case Study

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United needed a new phone system that would provide reliability, security, functionality, and simplify communications within their organization.

Below is the video transcription:

Welcome to the Mitel Difference. A company that provides smart business communication solutions that help organizations of all sizes collaborate and communicate simply and cost effectively, anytime, anywhere. Mitel is an acknowledged IP solutions market leader. This important case study is just one of the many examples why we have achieved this status.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United brings icy cold Cokes to the sunny south. Founded in 1902, employing 2800 workers, Coca-Cola Bottling United serves up the real thing in and around the Coca-Cola company's home turf, reaching consumers throughout the southeast. As a multi-site organization, they had a growing need to improve business process and reduce operational costs. More importantly, they needed a new phone system that would provide reliability, security, flexibility and simplify communications within their organization.

We're a 100 year old company and we pride ourselves in customer service, any survey that's done by the Coca-Cola Company, we're always at the top. We have two regions, five divisions and all those divisions kind of operate interdependently. Everybody was used to doing their own thing. Historically, telephone systems within the company were local purchases. We had several different vendors, represented several different types of systems, none of them connected to each other.

We were looking to one thing, consolidate voice mail At that time, if the president of Coca-Cola United Bottling wanted to put out a broadcast voice mail, he had to go to 18 to 19 different voice mail systems and put out a broadcast voice mail. There was no centralized voice mail, there was no unified communications. Prior to a single unified system across the company, we were at the mercy of the individual phone vendors at every location. Coca-Cola United Bottling also had a huge challenge with several outside sales people and executives travelling between 18 to 19 different bottling plants on a daily basis. They needed a dynamic extension feature as well.

We formed a telephone selection committee.
We had 12 people from all phases of their company come in and evaluate the vendors and ask significant questions, very detailed questions, I felt that it was almost like an IT committee. But these people were form all over the company and the survivors, I feel like American Idol, were at Cisco and Mitel and then the war began. And as it turns out, the selection committee selection was unanimous with Mitel.

Some of the applications that Coke found very important to them, the main one really was unified messaging. The Mitel messaging server also allowed the Coca Cola Bottling executives and outside sales managers and sales personnel to have a single depository for distribution of voicemail messages to sales personnel as well as a single point of retrieving those messages. And the fact that Mitel is a notes shop, was really beneficial to us and important to Coke because they knew that we understood their needs in the notes environment. Dynamic extension allowed the Coca-Cola executives and outside sales personnel to have one number anywhere, whether it be their desk phone, their cell phone, their home telephone number, or even a phone number at a vendor location. The enterprise manager really reduces the operations cost to managing their enterprise network.

Mitel's Enterprise Manager Solution allows you to manage 18 locations or 100s of locations through a single pane of glass. The 5300 series sets were a really big selling point to Coke. This allowed us to also put the deck wireless handsets on employees phones that required them to be mobile within the bottling plants as well. When you talk about productivity, taking your handset 400 feet up and down the hallway. That's productivity.

After we won the deal, we were ecstatic, and then it hit us, we had to implement this. Overall, the project was very painless. During the six month implementation process, everything stayed on schedule, we did not, we did not push any cut dates. And one of the highlights, I guess bright spots of this is that the technology in the new plant, the new infrastructure network, the switches, and the telephone systems was one of the few areas that we had almost no problems in the new plant at all. Everything went really smooth. The phone system worked day one and it was delivered on time. In fact, even the committee members and a lot of the users have come back and said later that they were surprised at how painless and non-disruptive the whole process was.

In 25 years in this business, I have never been involved in a smoother installation. Work was done beforehand. Detail work was done. The customer was informed, the customer kept us informed. We had group emails, everybody was always on board what was going on. We met every deadline, we did it timely and when we left the installs, when we left the group, they were happy.

When we select a business partner it is a long term commitment. C and C and Mitel just proved to be the right solution. The Mitel solution that we implemented, vastly improved our day to day operation at Coca-Cola. What is so important today, is that there is so much equipment that people have a choice. There's so many data companies. Everybody wants to develop a telephone, but Mitel has been here for 25 years. Mitel is the right choice. Mitel came from the voice side. Mitel can make people happy. Their phones work. They do the same thing everyday. Mitel is the right choice.

Mitel. It's about smart business communications that are reliable, secure, flexible, simple. It's about the Mitel Difference. Simply communicating.

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