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Customer Experience Challenges in Pandemic Times

Why Keeping The Status Quo Isn't an Option for Contact Centers

Delivering great customer experiences (CX) isn’t always easy, even in the best of times. When the stakes are high like today and customers are being especially cautious in spending, bad CX can put an organization’s very survival at risk. Rising call volumes due to COVID-19 and anxious customers have only amplified issues. 

In cases where CX fails to hit the mark, organizational and technology issues are usually at play. Creating a customer-centric culture typically doesn’t happen overnight, but the right customer experience technology can help speed the process by empowering customer representatives, contact center agents and everyone who touches the customer journey with the tools they need to provide better service. 

Download new research to get a glimpse into the consumer perceptions of how well organizations are meeting their expectations around CX and learn why keeping the status quo isn’t an option for contact centers.