Fuse Networks Case Study

Fuse Networks implemented a joint Mitel and VMware solution for their contact center and call control needs, running voice alongside other business applications in their virtualized data center.

Below is the video transcription:

Fuse is a company that specializes in the design and delivery of managed IT services. As a part of our business, Fuse Network supports a 24 by 7 call center, which allows us to effectively support all of our customers regardless of location.

Initially, when we started to develop our call center, we had several issues being able to turn up call center agents quickly enough. Once we went to a virtualized platform, both with VMware and Mitel, we were able to turn up a call center agent in a matter of minutes. 

We have several Mitel and VMware solutions being serviced from our data center-- vSphere for server virtualization, VMware View for virtual desktop infrastructure, Mitel call control, both in a virtual and physical environment, Mitel's contact center suite of products, Mitel Border Gateway-- all of these combine together and integrated to service the needs of our internal call center as well as the needs of our customers that we provision services for.

So the business value while integrating VMware and Mitel would be centralized management and consolidation of administration. You no longer have five to six disparate systems or physical servers.You're able to bring them in and consolidate the management.

Our agents are people that provide customer support. They can do it from their home. They can do it from a hotel room. They can do it from the office. So our contact center agents can be as productive from a home office as they can from a work office. They literally can launch a session from any laptop or PC just like they can launch it from the office.

Having an integrated solution through VMware View and Mitel-- the Mitel Contact Center Solution all combined together-- really helps create a financial ROI for them that's very strong.

Mitel Call Center Reporting is great. It helps me manage my NOC and my customer service team-- how many calls they've taken during the day, how many minutes they've been on the phone, and perform a baseline of how we're performing as a whole in a group.

Mitel has always been a fantastic business partner. They're easy to work with. They have exceptional customer support. But most importantly, they have world class telephony products and architecture wrapped around those telephony products. Once Mitel started partnering with VMware upwards of three years ago, we knew that a lot of the products that Mitel sold were going to be accessible through VMware's products-- the virtual world. And so it was a natural progression to start partnering with VMware as well. Fuse Networks has not stopped growing since we started almost five years ago. We anticipate 20% to 25% growth year after year. So we plan on growing with Mitel and VMware and leveraging those products into our growth.

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