Hever Castle Case Study

Hever Castle House Manager Rowland Smith and Golf Club Manager Jon Wittenberg talk about the benefits the Mitel system has brought to the estate and their customers.

Below is the video transcription:

My name is Rowland Smith, and I'm the House Manager here at Hever Castle. And my name is John Wittenberg, and I'm the Club Manager at Hever Castle Golf Club. We have 27 holes, a golf facility here. We have part of the Historic Hever Castle Estate. And we work together on a number of projects, so we needed a solution that would bring us closer together.

As an operator in the service industry and one that's growing and getting busier, there's been a lot more emails, a lot more people coming through the doors, but also a lot more phone calls. We are a large estate here, 625 acres. And we needed something that could be spread across the estate. From a management point of view, having the two phones on my desk and in our club office was a problem. We had the internal phone system and a customer phone system running alongside each other rather than together.

The solution we deployed was a Mitel 5000 IP Communication Platform. And we've deployed it in the main clubhouse, in the pro shop. All the phone systems within the clubhouse link in to that system. And we had a communication system put in with our freshman hub, which has solved some big problems for us. Flexibility of the platform as well enabled us to cover our call charges for the comfort of the facilities we have here in the Astor wing of Hever Castle, which has 21 bedrooms. The benefits that we see is A, it's one provider and one solution. So there's a cost saving here for us at the castle But also the communication across the estate, using the phone manager to be able to communicate with everybody on the estate and all of the IP end users. And just generally the more effective communication. So the whole package together is just a great system to use.

I would recommend Mitel as a system in many different companies. Particularly in the service industry with us, it definitely fits the bill. And it has been seamless for us in it's operation, which is very important to me and the business.

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