Intelling Talks MiCloud Office

Intelling Limited is a business processing outsource service, founded in 2012 by six industry veterans. Looking to establish itself as an industry expert and expand globally, Intelling teamed up with Mitel to power its customer experience.

Below is the video transcription:

This is a fantastic tool to have cause I say you can monitor on how your agents are progressing throughout the day. The agents also like it as well because they like to know how long they have left in their breaks and it does give you individual breaks, individual toilet time, and training time. It also gives you an individual call handling time, which helps you know that they've actually done their full day shift. Lets you know whether you've lost any calls, at what percentage, how many callers you've had in, your average talk time across the board and your average handling time and also your average wait time across the board for calls that are coming in. And that's on this report which is going to let you know how many agents you have free, also lets you know if you got calls in the cue.

The other one, this is a fantastic tool to have. You can have it when you're doing what we call it a health check. So it gives everybody individual names. It lets you know how many calls they've added into their phone and whether they've answered all those calls or whether they've dropped them. Therefore if they've dropped one, like Lucy's at 8 and she's dropped 4, you can have the individual track to each advisor and say can I ask and she's giving me an explanation - they were 5 second calls so she didn't even have time to answer the call. So you can get a better picture of what's going on throughout the day.

Also, you can run quite a few reports real-time, you can run quite a few reports at once and it also allows you to have a look on the average handling time for the day. So across a team of 10, our average handling time at the moment is 2 minutes and 11 seconds. You can go into what I call the sunshine, it's the clock and you can run it for yesterday, last week, last month. You can even go in and customize it and run it for 2 months ago. So if you're going to be running a report on a particular individual or you want to run a report, you can actually do a presentation on your team. You can go back and run reports from the day it started cause you can customize them by going into the clock, putting in the time and date of where you want the reports to run from and then it will give you all the figures and it will give you the average handling time for the whole day.

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