Mere Country Club Case Study

The Mere Golf and Country Club invested in Mitel Business Phones as part of their multi-million pound development and expansion plan.

Below is the video transcription:

The challenges we faced was our old telephone system was approximately about 15 years old and we have a lot of expansion coming up. We're in the middle of a 15 million pound development. And we needed a solution that was flexible enough to grow with the business and to develop all the new solutions that we've got going forward. We needed a mobility solution for ours to have communications on the move around the general building and allow us to expand with our new hotel and  spa what we've got coming.


We chose Mitel for The Mere here after speaking to various different companies within the industry. And we found that it is the leading hospitality solution for telecoms and with the various IP solutions that's provided with it. It allows us the flexibility that we need and solutions moving froward to implement the telephone
to the bedrooms. And it allows us the growth within our business and everything that we're doing moving forward is catered forward within that one packageaAnd it's such a flexible solution that it allows us to do everything that we need to do.

The solution needed to fit within our budget, but the important thing from our point of view was that it match customer quality and customer standards. The Mitel solution is certainly doing that at this moment in time where we've installed it into the spa. Our next project is moving on to the hotel, where we'll find, I think, and reap the rewards and benefits from the package from the hotel guests and from the hotel solution. It's integral into the parts of the system that we want to move forward, with the hotel booking system and with the front of house systems that we´re installing with the hotel, and I´m confident that Mitel will integrate within that solution as well and that was important consideration in choosing Mitel.

Recently we deployed the main body of the system, which was the 3300 MXe, which powers the whole Mitel system and bolting on to that, we added the dynamic extension twinning the IP wireless solution from SpectraLink. Both sit, both the add-ons there have given us massive flexibility in allowing various people to have portable telephones around the building. The Mere being a very old building, we struggled in the past with debt solutions and with the IP solution it allowed us to flood the whole building with wireless internet and at the same time backing our telephones onto that. Which gives us 100% coverage throughout the whole building and then mobile twinning allows the managers to be out around the golf course and various other parts of the building that you could not easily get telephone coverage to and this gives us great flexibility to be able to use the whole building as a large communications area.

The Mitel solution has benefited the business greatly since implementing it. The biggest difference that we notice would be customer service, being able to contact various people in the business a lot faster and more efficiently. It allows us to deliver a better level of service to the customers we have, being able to put them into contact with the correct people a lot more efficiently. It is also helped the reception a lot, being able to modify the system internally on how calls are routed, we lose less phone calls now and we´re able to transfer calls through to the correct relevant people in different departments a lot smoother. And we've reduced the wait time in all our calls being answered since implementing the system.

Initially, I think, there's a large investment in the whole of the project that we've done including cabling, including WiFi network, new systems and software systems for the spa. So, the initial impact is obviously being felt within all of that. So a return on investment is moment in time, is not being taken into consideration. It certainly is for the next part of the project, within the hotel, where I'm confident we will be able to recover a lot of the costs of the system within the solution.

So we're just about to start developments of our new hotel, which will be finished in early 2012. Which is a 10 million pound project consisting of 81 bedrooms, which will be fully integrated within the Mitel solution. And we are planning on putting the HTML versions of the telephones in the bedrooms, which gives the guests a greater access to ordering systems, through ordering through the bars, and restaurants. It allows us to also market to the bedrooms. And, it will also will also be using the full mobility solutions within the hotel, which again will allow us to help communicate with the various departments that will be throughout that.

Definitely. We've found that the Mitel solution has been very easy to integrate within the business. It's been a seamless transfer across from our old telephone system and it's done everything we thought it would do and a lot more.

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