Morgan Cole LLP Case Study

Morgan Cole LLP, a UK law firm, explains the benefits of Mitel to their business, including reliable products and a smooth migration strategy.


Below is the video transcription:

I'm Catherine Baker. I'm the Infrastructure Delivery Manager here at Morgan Cole. Morgan Cole is a legal services firm providing a wide range of services to public and private sector organizations in South Wales and Southern England. The challenges that we were looking to overcome with our LAN infrastructure was that the kit had been in for a long time and it was starting to fail. We knew that we needed to put something new in place but also to put something new that would not only cover us for the applications we run now, but for any we choose to implement in the future.

For our telephone system, again, the kit was aging, and it was starting to fail. So we knew again that it was time to replace it. But when we replaced it, we knew again we wanted to put something in that was a lot more resilient than we had been. We chose Mitel because it offered us the best migration strategy. It wasn't the case that we had to rip everything out in one go. We could move across the new system on a piece-meal basis. And we chose the 3300 system because, I
mean we installed that in every office, because it gave us the resiliency we were looking for. We were able to see all of their products in the demi-suite in the head office in South Wales. Benefit that it gave us is that there was no downtime during the migration and the products so far have been very reliable.

We needed to change our existing telephone system because it was at its end of life. So we were starting to experience some hardware failures. Because it wasn't set up in a resilient way, when those failures occurred, it meant that we weren't able to make or receive telephone calls, which for a law firm we just can't really have a situation like that. So the new system had to be resilient and it had to be reliable. And one of the things that we also needed to incorporate into the system was the ability to scale as the business grows. So that when we have new users starting, we just needed a very quick and easy way of adding them without having to do lots of rework. One of the other things that was really important for us was that our internal help desk needed to be able to do the day-to-day administration on the system in a nice, easy way. So we were looking for a system that gave us a GUI interface so they could do that.

Through investigating the solutions that they offered, we realized that it offered the best migration strategy. So it wasn't a case of that we had to rip everything out in one weekend and put the whole new system in. We've implemented the switches initially and then we could move the users across to the new system on a piecemeal basis. We went to Mitel's head office here in South Wales and we saw all of these products working in a demonstration suite and we really liked what we'd seen.

We've installed the Mitel border gateway solution and this is used by our people who work permanently from home and this gives them the same functionality on their phone at home as everybody has in the office. We've also given 154 users external hot desking licenses. And this means that they're able to take calls that they would normally receive in the office on any phone, be that at home, in a client's office, or their mobile.

In terms of hot desking, we've implemented Mitel's hot desking solution. It's really important that our clients can contact their lawyers wherever they are so this allows users to be in any of our offices and received their telephone call straightaway to whatever handset they choose.

We've got the Mitel contact center deployed. It allows us to monitor the calls as they come into the help desk. We can see which agents are available, who's unavailable. That can be displayed on a wall board that all the agents can see or to an individual desktop client on their machines. And it allows them to look in and out to the phones very quickly and, from the business support side of things, we can make sure that we're answering calls within SLA and I can report on that, show that to the senior managers within the business at the end of the month. And also monitor individual performance if needs be.

We've deployed the Mitel 5320 handset across the business. They're a really cost effective handset which meant we've been able to deliver the full range of functionality to all our users. Part of that means that any user can log in at any phone, in any one of our six offices, and it takes all of the features with them. We've also been able to deploy external hot desking to a number of users who work out of the office regularly. That means they can log in from their mobile, or from their BlackBerry, or even a hotel phone, if needs be, to take all of their business calls there. And with the new point voice mail system, that's enabled them to have all of their voice mails sent to them as an attachment so they can maintain client contact the whole time.

The reaction internally was very positive. The training was minimal which meant people just come in,do the training, get back to the desk, and get on with using the phone. And the way that it will work meant that it was seamless. The user went in and they had their old phone on the desk. They came out and the new phone was there and they were able to just carry on as if nothing happened really.

Yes, we did and, obviously being in the current economic conditions, it was important we could show return on investment to the board before getting the funding. We had identified three potential areas of return on investment. The first was a very direct and immediate one and that was the cost of maintenance of the phone system and that gave us straightaway 37,000 pounds or thereabouts. The second was a wasted investment we would have had to make about 150,000 pounds have not been able to move very quickly and replace our current equipment. And then lastly, obviously equipment needs replacing every few years and as the life cycle came around for replacement, we would've been spending on average probably about 140,000 pounds more than we needed to every replacement. So it was very clear return on investment for us.

I would recommend Mitel products because the migration from our Legacy system to the new Mitel system went very smoothly. And the products we've installed have all been working very well and have proved very reliable.


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