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SMBs: Navigating a Path Forward post pandemic

Navigating the Path Forward


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted any notion of business as usual. To understand the pandemic's immediate impact on small and medium businesses (SMBs), SMB Group fielded its first survey study on this topic in March: Impact of COVID-19 on Small and Medium Businesses.

This follow-up survey study, SMBs: Navigating a Path Forward, examines how SMBs that have stayed afloat during the first few months of the pandemic are faring. The study also explores the paths these SMBs are taking to sustain their businesses amid the continuing uncertainty. It shares key highlights from the study, along with selected data from prior SMB Group studies, to deliver insights into the business, workforce and technology implications of COVID-19 for SMBs and how they're navigating to sustain their organizations. 

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This survey was authored and completed by The SMB Group, an independent company; and partially sponsored by Mitel.