Philadelphia Eagles Case Study

The Philadelphia Eagles NFL team has been using Mitel since 1989. Over the years, Mitel has always offered the team unique solutions that meet the demands of the NFL.

Below is the video transcription:

A sophisticated account, such as the Eagles, presents many challenges month after month. New technologies, always staying state of the art, they have a standard of excellence that they try to meet even in their technology world. Mitel has always provided applications and solutions that meet that standard.

As an NFL team our organization has many unique requests on game day and for some of the events that we run here at the stadium. Mitel has been very good at working with us to come up with unique solutions to some problems that we've had and providing technologies that allow us to meet the demands of the NFL and other organizations that come here to play.

One of the concerns we had a training camp was the ability to dial 911. As implemented initially in our testing, 911 calls would have come out of Lincoln Financial Field, which wouldn't be good if somebody had an emergency up at Lehigh University. Mitel has a LIM module and allows those 911 calls to route directly to Lehigh Police. This was a big concern we had, and Mitel Solution really help allow us to use the IP phones and push that technology up there at training camp.

We use the Contact Center Solution in our ticket office to provide improved service to our guests and our season ticket holders. This allows us to take emails, faxes, voice mails, and calls that come in, and prioritize them and answer them in a proper manner. One of the benefits of Mitel Solution is that it always provides us a leading edge solution, but always allows us to protect our investments we've made in past technologies. We can now leverage the newer phones, the newer technologies, that Mitel comes out with. And we don't have to do a forklift upgrade or rip out all of the equipment that we currently have.

A recent migration to the Mitel Communication Director here at Lincoln Financial Field will allow us to leverage some of the newer technology that Mitel offers, such as of Teldio and Benbria products. Also the 5360 phones. We have 178 suites, and we have ideas of various ways that we could use this in advertising, branding, and various applications that could be developed for this. We're looking to also tie this into our retail operations so that people can order merchandise directly from the suites and have it brought up, and potentially into concessions as well.

Our experience with CNET Solutions has been excellent. They have been very responsive to our needs. They really have been a valued partner of the Eagles, and we continue to value that relationship going forward.

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