SIX Payment Services Case Study

Six Payment Services, a specialized global provider of bank card payment processing services, has deployed virtual telephony solutions that integrate closely with customer management systems to ensure direct reconciliation between the sales and receipt systems.

Below is the video transcription:

My name is Benoit Collet. I'm the head of IT for SIX Payment Services Luxembourg. SIX Payment Services is a payment service provider. We are taking care of payments for our customers in two main industries, which are hotel and parking.

For us it was really necessary to jump into a new technology. The first reason was to modernize our telephone infrastructure, which was completely obsolete. The second one, we want to magnify our communications hardware through our different offices in Europe and in US. So in the right range of all available products, we are using mobile presence and also the outdesking functions of Mitel.

On the call center side, before to move to Mitel we get a few reports on the activity, but not enough. Right now, everybody can look on his own activities and get reports. How many calls does the agent take? What was the lengths of the calls, the durations of the calls? Did they miss some calls? So I think everybody's much more responsible for his own jobs on the call center level.

The calls between offices, the cost was extremely high. As soon as we implement Mitel solutions, we redesigned the network to make it available for the IP phone systems. All the systems are linked together right now and we are calling for free. Another point was in the routing of the controllers themselves. So if I need to call one of our customers or a supplier in the United States, for me right now it's a local call because I'm going out via our Chicago gateways, so it's not any longer a trans-Atlantic call.

The advantage is extremely high for us because we are running the business 24/7, so we are getting contact with the customers around the world, and we are using the cheapest route via Mitel call controllers that we have. We did a calculation before to run the project, and we were expecting around 20% saving cost on the telecommunication cost. After two years we save much more, so we are at minimum 25%.

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