Summit Automotive Partners Case Study

Summit Automotive Partners is a privately-held automotive management group headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They are an integrated group of successful dealerships committed to building lasting relationships. Mitel delivers enterprise-grade voice and data solutions to their rapidly expanding dealership network.

Below is the video transcription:

Good morning, Summit Automotive Partners.

As we've grown and acquired new dealerships. Quite often we come across disparate legacy technologies. And for us to have a unified communications platform is a daunting task. We have very, very close time frames on acquisitions. Most times we were only allotted 72 hours from the moment we acquire the store close typically Friday to Monday scenario to actually have the dealership overhauled, revamped, and up and running by that Monday.

Mitel Sun Ray Solution was very much a game changer in the way we acquire dealerships, and allowed us to come in and focus on the business and the business rules. And we really took away a lot of the complexities that we had to deal with with acquisitions.

The Mitel communications director allows us not only to acquire and handle acquisitions quickly, but it also supports a divestiture model as well. In some cases where we will sell dealerships that are not performing or under performing. So we've selected the Mitel MCD platform. As we looked in the space of IP telephony there was few players that could provide us the growth and scalability that was required for retail automotive. The savings that Mitel has provided to Summit Automotive has really provided us a huge springboard to grow.

We've decreased our operating costs with the integration of Mitel's MCDs across all our retail automotive stores by as much as 2/3.

Mitel Total Solutions Program has been a real enabler from a cost standpoint for Summit Automotive, in that it's provided a very simple straightforward cost analysis tool which has really allowed us to come within 2% to 3% accuracy on our budgets when it comes to acquisitions and planning and cost modeling. Part of our strategic plan is to standardize all of our family of companies on the Mitel solution. The value in the partnership with Mitel having a standardized communications platform has really enabled us to grow in very positive ways.


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