Velmore Case Study

Velmore is a global garment manufacturer who has multiple office locations in the United Kingdom. Velmore wanted to reduce their communication costs but also have a more flexible phone system.

Below is the video transcription:

The key drivers, well really with two key drivers, that led us to upgrade our telephone system to make use of the Mitel system, the main one was cost. The second one was flexibility. We wanted to take advantage of the advances in technology. Velmore is a global garment manufacturer, and our telephone users are around the world, whether it's mobile users, and with our factories and head office out in China, we had what we thought was a large cost profile. We knew that making use of new technology should significantly reduce those costs. We anticipated of around about a 25% reduction of costs, as well as being able to deliver the key flexibilities with assistance in delivery of a global telecommunication system to enable our business to work more flexibly.

In the UK we operated on, and still do, operate on two sites. One in London and one in Elsmere Port which is near Chester. We wanted to have a single PBX solution. We wanted to give people or staff in the UK, the ability to work in conjunction with their mobile phones as well as working from home. We also needed to operate voice over IP out to our factories and our head office in China. We felt that the MCD solution would offer solutions in all of these areas.

I guess here, I think you're talking about delivery. The Mitel MCD solution in conjunction with DXP has certainly delivered. Our main driver, that of cost reduction, has been achieved. And we've seen an excellent 25% reduction in cost and that certainly pleased the accountants. But the key benefit to users, that of the increase of flexibility, this is where we've seen probably the biggest improvement. We now have only one switchboard PBX located in London. We've been able to implement voice over IP. So we're operating out to our Chinese factories in our head office, at no additional cost. Looking at home-working, users are now able to operate flexibly from home, and in terms of hot desking, users are able to flexible hand off to mobile phones. All in all, this enables us to operate and contact our users 24 hours of the day, anywhere in the world.

As an IT Manager, one of my key measures of success when I'm putting a new system in for users, is whether I hear silence. What I mean by that, is to whether I get any complaints from users. And certainly with the Mitel MCD solution I've had no complaints. On the contrary, users have been very complimentary. If we look at the quality of calls especially over VoIP to China, they've significantly improved in quality. If we look at flexibility in the number of missed calls that we have, users are now telling me they're always able to contact people. If we look at core volumes, if that's a measure of success, oddly that's increased.

All in all, we've been able to deliver all of our key aims and the Mitel MCD solution has been a success.

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