White Paper

What is Workforce Management (WFM)?

This white paper will provide a basic understanding of the processes that workforce management (WFM) encompasses that makes the modern customer experience operation possible.
Each of the six processes - namely forecasting, planning, scheduling, operating, reporting and performance analysis - is examined closely. The inter-connectedness of the processes is emphasized. In light of the prickly challenges many contact center managers face today – e.g. runaway costs, scheduling for multi-skilled agents and multi-channel interactions, losses in revenue opportunities or savings to name a few - the benefits automated WFM bring to contact centers can seem mind-boggling. Boiled down, it amounts to increased customer satisfaction, enhanced staff satisfaction (translating into lower absenteeism, attrition and training costs) as well as improved efficiency and profitability.

This white paper further addresses what an automated WFM solution can do for your contact center. And answer some basic questions about WFM solutions: e.g. Who is a suitable candidate? When and where can you see your return on investment (ROI)? It concludes with some thoughtful tips about what to consider when contemplating a WFM solution for your contact center. It is by no means comprehensive, but rather a thought-provoker to get you started on the road toward WFM optimization.

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