MiCloud Ignite Terms & Conditions

  1. MiCloud Connect - 4X on Net New MiCloud Connect Deals
  2. Bonus is for New Customer Sales Only at standard pricing with defined field discounts. New Customer Sales means entities (including affiliated entities) that have never purchased MiCloud products or services or existing installed base on-site customers who are migrating to MiCloud services for the first time.
  3. New sales must be submitted as complete order packages and accepted by Mitel between April 1 and June 30, 2018 and installed by September 30, 2018. They must also qualify as commissionable sales under the applicable Agent Agreement with Mitel.
  4. Any sales that are canceled for any reason or on which the customer defaults prior to installation or within the first 6 months following installation and acceptance are subject to full recovery of the bonus payment.
  5. Bonus payment will be paid to Master Agent at the rates shown for qualifying sales. Master Agent is solely responsible for final payments to their sub-agents or qualifying channel. Mitel is not party to or responsible for payment beyond the initial Master Agent payment.
  6. In order to qualify all sales must be registered by Agent at the program website no later than June 15, 2018. Registrant will be validated by Mitel as the Agent of record for that transaction and payment will be made to the validated registrant.
  7. Bonus described herein is exclusively for the Agents associated with and in good standing with the Master Agent referenced in this program announcement.
  8. There is a no customer minimum to qualify for any payment under this program. In addition, the maximum bonus payment for any single customer or account is $100,000.
  9. MRC means Monthly Recurring Commitment or their fixed monthly spending commitment with Mitel before variable use, taxes, etc. once installed.
  10. Payment due to the Master Agent the month following installation and initial billing by Mitel of all of the services and service orders associated with the qualifying sale and first payment by the Customer. In the case where the customer MRC decreased during the provisioning process the final bonus will be paid based on the actual MRC installed and billed.
  11. Mitel reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify this promotion and to rule in any dispute surrounding this program at its sole discretion. Mitel will also solely determine qualification for payment on any individual account submission.
  12. POC customers are eligible for an Ignite bonus if they are expanding with new users of 20 or more.

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