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Your B2B Relationship Resource 

Communications Technology Should Empower Your Today and Build for Tomorrow 

Great relationships start with a deep understanding of each other—and confirmation that you're both aligned. Below you'll find out more about who we are and exactly how we can be the right match for your business.

 Digital Transformation Is a Journey

Digital transformation involves far more than implementing new technology; it’s about changing the way an enterprise does business, partnering with a communications provider that will continuously evolve with you. In your journey to digital transformation, it’s important to find a provider that builds a long-term relationship— one that’s committed to taking you all the way from today’s business needs to tomorrow’s vision.   

Maintain efficiency and flexibility

Grow at Your Own Pace

Build a Future-Proof Strategy 

More than Just Collaboration

Choosing Mitel means your business has a vendor that supports your unique culture, infrastructure, makeup and evolution. Our technology evolves with you and enables your business to grow at its own pace in its own unique way. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can rely on a vendor that: 


  • Understands your uniqueness  
  • Empowers people through communications and collaboration  
  • Helps you navigate the uncertainty of change

Digital is in our DNA
We help businesses navigate a clear and strategic path to digital transformation by focusing on three items core to our DNA: communications, collaboration and the customer experience. 

Solutions for the Next Step in Your Digital Transformation 

MiCloud Connect is a complete cloud business communications service that delivers seamless voice, collaboration, and contact center solutions from a single provider. By combining an intuitive user experience and flexible service plans with public cloud proven reliability, MiCloud Connect makes every aspect of cloud communications and collaboration simple and secure

Intuitive, user-friendly communications client

Customized preferences 

Secure and seamless experience across devices with real-time management

Rich PBX features

Want to know how aligned MiCloud Connect is with your goals? Fill out the form to have a Mitel representative contact you.


"The Mitel solution makes people working from home intuitive. Our single greatest change has been the ability to work from anywhere. This has been huge for us."
Becky Farmer
CEO Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics
"The Mitel solution saved us a lot of time from a development perspective. We’ve gotten quite far quite quickly."
Luke Morris
Luke Morris, Graduate Data Officer, North Yorkshire County Council
"I would definitely recommend Mitel. They’ve been committed to our success in the cloud and a great partner to work with from the very beginning."
Laurent Gaertner
Director of Global Network and Hosting, Carlsberg Breweries
"We were very fortunate enough that the Mitel equipment was flexible enough to adapt on the fly."
Jeff Kelley
Telecommunications Supervisor, Blanchard Valley Health System
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