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What's New with MiVoice Solutions

New advancements to deliver more choice with our unified communications solutions include new features for voice, team collaboration and contact center. With flexible options for deploying on-site, in your private cloud or a mix of both, you choose what works best for you. Whether you are looking to adopt a new solution or leverage existing investments, Mitel can help you simplify for decreased TCO, while also improving your customer experience.


Mitel is fully committed to the success of our customers. See how Mitel’s strategic investments in our unified communications portfolio continue to demonstrate our dedication. Mitel’s unified communications solutions roadmap for voice, team collaboration and contact center demonstrates our significant ongoing investment to increase the speed of innovation, stability and security.


For any vertical. For any size company.

No need to combine tools from multiple vendors. The Mitel MiVoice family of unified communications solutions delivers integrated voice, team collaboration and contact center capabilities in a single solution. With choices tailored for small, medium and large enterprises, all you have to do is choose where: on-site, in your cloud or both.


Latest Release: MiCollab 8.1

MiCollab with MiTeam enables all of Mitel’s MiVoice unified communications solutions to provide a stronger, tighter end-to-end solution for organizations, enabling their employees to communicate seamlessly.

Built from the ground up to allow an organization's workforce to share information quickly and easily, MiCollab with MiTeam is built to work in a mobile world with the inclusion of a rich set of fixed mobile converged capabilities embedded within its ‘mobile-first’ design.

Like other Mitel MiVoice solutions, MiCollab supports a range of deployment options to address different customer requirements.

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Latest Release: MiVoice Office 400 6.0

MiVoice Office 400 is a perfectly adapted all-in-one platform for SMB. It is Mitel’s flagship SMB UC solution, upgraded with a new software and hardware refresh, to deliver the latest technology and cloud applications designed for small customer needs.

The MiVoice Office 400 solution is a better way to collaborate with others and comes complete with tailor-made solutions. Take advantage of embedded apps for small organizations or the MiCollab collaboration suite for more advanced customer demands, plus a complete portfolio of leading business phones (6900/6800 SIP Phones & SIP-DECT endpoints). MiVoice Office 400 delivers an exceptional deployment flexibility—private cloud or on-site.

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MiVoice MX-ONE

Latest Release: MiVoice MX-ONE 7.0

Perfect communications solution for medium and large enterprises

MiVoice MX-ONE delivers feature-rich unified communications and collaboration, as well as contact center capabilities that enable faster and more effective business communications. The MiVoice MX-ONE offers unparalleled scalability options and can be deployed as centralized or distributed, covering segments from 500 to 100,000+ users. Its strong integration with third-party products and future cloud-based applications delivers real business value by providing a seamless operational and user experience in any environment: on-site, private cloud or a mix of both.

MiVoice MX-ONE’s latest system refresh includes cloud-readiness, the introduction of a new gateway and support for the latest generation apps, phones and accessories. High security and redundancy help MX-ONE to be the best solution for medium and large enterprises, as well as government, finance and education segments.

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MiVoice Business

Lastest Release: MiVoice Business 9.0

MiVoice Business is the most advanced communication solution for the mid-market

We continue to invest in new releases of MiVoice Business: next-gen software refresh built on containerization architecture, superior collaboration solution using MiCollab, omnichannel-based MiContact Center Business solutions, the best endpoints for 6900 Series IP Phones & SIP and DECT base stations and endpoint solutions.

Together, MiCollab and MiVoice Business provide your organization with a connected, integrated experience across Mitel phones and other Mitel applications that provide productivity enhancements to your business that other over-the-top services cannot offer.

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MiContact Center Business

Latest Release: MiContact Center Business 9.0/9.1

Mitel’s MiContact Center solutions are designed to give your customers the freedom to interact with you on their preferred device, using the media that works best for them, while giving agents and supervisors the tools to manage today’s omnichannel customer journeys.

MiContact Center Business is an all-in-one solution that includes omnichannel skills-based routing, IVR, real time and historical reporting, call & screen recording, quality management, workforce forecasting and scheduling with optional workforce management.

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Latest Version: SIP DECT 8.0

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any system. Mitel's industry leading SIP-DECT offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive solution for cordless telephony on IP-based networks by combining Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) innovation with DECT, the leading technology for building multi-cellular radio networks for voice communication.

From small business to the large enterprise, companies of any size can leverage Mitel SIP DECT to reap the benefits of both DECT and voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Enabling businesses to build private networks, DECT provides virtually unlimited, secure reachability for employees on the premises and even supported external sites or home offices. Combined with standardized, vendor-independent SIP support that allows for smooth integration into existing communication systems, Mitel SIP-DECT is a flexible solution fit for any organization.

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