Content Syndication for Partners

The fastest, easiest way to get Mitel content on your site and in front of potential customers is Mitel Content Syndication. It ensures the content you have is always fresh, accurate and relevant. It’s relatively easy to implement and low-maintenance, thanks to automatic updates. And best of all—it gives you another tool in your marketing arsenal.

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Access to all of Mitel's Product and Solution Pages are just a few clicks away.



How to Access Content Syndication

  1. Log into your MiAccess Partner Portal
  2. Select Applications from the Main Menu
  3. Launch the “Content Syndication” application
  4. Once on the content syndication page, select the language/region you would like to embed content from
  5. Select the Product or Solution from the list
  6. Click the Copy Code button and use this to place on your site page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Content Syndication Application?
The app is available via your MiAccess account. You will need to login to MiAccess and find the link for "Content Syndication". All partners are enable with access to this tool.

How do I update the language and the region of my site?
Based on the selection you make in the app, the code provided will determine what language will appear on your site when placing the code on it.

How do I keep the content up to date?
Sit back and relax. Mitel will maintain and update the content regularly, so it will always be fresh. Anything you’ve selected to display on your site will update automatically as changes are made.

Do I need a web developer or programmer?
The code is very easy to use. It is as simple as copy and paste into your CMS, like you would embed a YouTube video.

Does the embed code support the use of HTTPS?
Yes. All Mitel sites are now httpS enable for your and our security.

How do I get more help?
Help is always available. Fill out a request form and we will work with you to answer your questions.

Take a Tour of the Solution

Watch a quick demo on how Content Syndication works and how you can put it on your website.

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