FastTrack for Mitel Cloud Migrations

Mitel Cloud Partners leverage the FastTrack opportunity registration process to take full advantage of incentives and migration tools to help your existing cloud customers migrate to RingCentral MVP

The Fast Track process is easy!

Step 1: Provide the required information here and submit.
Step 2: Our dedicated expert sales team will engage the customer – or you can choose your level of involvement and, we will register the opportunity with RingCentral on your behalf!
Step 3: You will receive FastTrack registration and RingCentral Deal ID in approximately one business day.

Register migration lead for existing customer using the form on the right.

Required: If the existing Mitel customer deal was sold through a Master Agent/TSD, provide your RingCentral PIDassociated with that same Master Agent/TSD for the MVP product.
Providing the accurate RingCentral PID match enables continuity of commissions between Mitel and RingCentral.
Recommended: Include the RingCentral Deal ID if you have already registered your cloud customer with RingCentral.