Video Conferencing Solutions

Giving online meetings a face

Make every meeting productive, yet personal, with video.  

Whether in the office, at home or in the field, let video elevate the conversation and help deliver a clear impact to meeting productivity. 

Key Benefits
Decide and act faster
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then why rely on voice alone? Increase productivity and accelerate the decision-making process with the power of video-enabled virtual meeting spaces. 
Dynamic and distributed teamwork
Bridge the gap between remote team members by connecting everyone together with video—it does not matter if they’re from different departments, outside organizations, or using external video systems (H.323/SIP). 
Quality video connections
Everyone can benefit from a little dynamic adaptation technology in their lives. Keep those on-the-go connected and engaged via a quality video experience despite using public Internet and wireless network connections. 
Rapid cloud deployment
There’s no need to purchase expensive, complex hardware to enjoy video. This cloud-based video service makes it easy to video-enable a few users or a few thousand, without your wallet taking a wallop. 
Reliable and secure
Have peace of mind, as your information is kept secret. All data securely traverses the Internet to and from our geo-redundant data centers using AES encryption to provide reliable, protected communications for all your video-enabled meetings. 

Is this product right for you?

Operate effectively from anywhere

Build stronger, more effective working relationships amongst geographically-dispersed teams and clients with the power of video. Plus, with Mitel Video, there isn’t a need for the purchase of expensive video conferencing equipment. Participants can use the built-in camera on mobile devices or laptops. 

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