Mitel Emergency Notification

Powering real-time notifications and communication during critical event situations

To help ensure a coordinated response during critical and emergency situations, the Mitel Emergency Notification application enables staff to generate broadcast alerts and communicate in real time, ensuring instantaneous notifications and communications that help mobilize key personnel.

Key Benefits
Enhanced Crisis Response
Respond quickly to crisis-oriented event and communicate clearly to employees and stakeholders.
Improve Transparency
Generate real-time call logs of all ‘code blue’ and emergency call-related activities.
Informative Site-Specific Alerts
Both emergency and code blue alerts include physical location and site details, in addition to caller information, enabling geographically-dispersed organizations to coordinate in-house first responses for developing situations.
Wide-Range Of Coverage
Continuously monitors system trunks for any and all emergency calls, including the support of international and multiple external emergency numbers.

Is this product right for you?

    • Real-time notifications and communications
    • Audible desktop alerts
    • Imitate phone calls
    • Broadcast text messaging
    • Comprehensive call logs

    • Site-specific and country-specific alerting
    • Multiple external emergency numbers supported
    • ;Alerts include name, extension and physical location
    • Integrated logs of code blue and emergency call activities
    • Allows personnel to communicate in real-time
Increased oversight and security

Built-in broadcast system generates text messaging, real-time desktop alerts and phone calls according to different scenarios, helping facilitate instant communications of developing events for key personnel.

Case Study
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Carleton University

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Case Study
Lovejoy Independent School District

Lovejoy Independent School District was looking for a reliable, easy-to-use phone system that would increase safety and improve collaboration and productivity across six campuses.

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