Mitel Contact Center Interaction Viewer

Easily access and analyze detailed call-by-call information to improve productivity

Better data so you can make better decisions
Experience easily managed web application merged data (available within minutes of call completion) from the Contact Center and the PBX CCIR. 
Efficient data analysis
The user-friendly view enables quick and accessible analysis. 
Simple to customize
Transform Service can be purchased separately to allow customers build their own application. 

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Mitel Contact Center Interaction Viewer Technical Specs
    • Web-based application for viewing “Cradle to Grave” information on a call by call basis
    • Extensive data filtering from date/time range to advanced matching conditions
    • Optional links to audio call recordings when paired with Mitel Call Recorder

    • Tie to Mitel CDR - Each call is “clickable” to determine complete routing from trunk to agent
    • Requires CCIR Transform Service which transforms ‘raw’ CCIR data

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