Mitel Sky

We'll manage your phones while you manage your business

Mitel Sky is the only all-in-one cloud business phone solution with the best performance, worry-free management, streamlined administration, and the highest reliability.

Key Benefits
A cloud phone system with superior business intelligence

Mitel Sky Advanced Application integrations drive business process performance.

Respond quicker with Mitel Sky Fax, multi-task with Mitel Sky Scribe and use data to optimize staffing levels, evaluate employee performance and analyze marketing spend.

A cloud-based voip phone system that improves team performance

Mitel Sky Collaboration and conferencing tools keeps information flowing with reservationless conferencing, instant messaging, integrated presence, peer-to-peer video, desktop sharing, and call recording.

THe world is your office with BYOD mobility

Mitel Sky Mobility makes your personal phone professional. You can stay professional and never give out your personal mobile number again. The system also offers four-digit dialing and integrates with your CRM.

Keep customers engaged and more than satisfied

Mitel Sky Contact Center is a bundled call center fully hosted in the cloud that integrates with Mitel Sky VoIP phone system. It’s easy to configure reports, queues, and on-hold experiences that don’t require any IT or special knowledge.

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