MiCloud Connect for Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce, the world's most popular CRM, with the MiCloud Connect hosted VoIP solution.

The combination of data from Salesforce and the MiCloud Connect phone system gives management a never-before-available view of critical business metrics. Users can create dashboards to serve as an early indicator of sales, service or operational performance. 

Key Benefits
Comprehensive Solution for Salesforce
People rely on Salesforce.com because it gets results and puts the focus on sales and service, not administration.  We share this philosophy and have applied the same principals to the complete business communications solution that is MiCloud Connect. 
Improved Functionality
MiCloud Connect for Salesforce unifies data and enhances the functionality of both applications. By integrating your phone system with your CRM, you will increase your sales effectiveness, support productivity and increase customer satisfaction. 
Once the phone system and SFDC are linked, recording the interaction in the system will be a natural part of making the call, rather than an afterthought. Adoption will increase enterprise-wide, more deals will be closed, customer satisfaction will increase and management will gain better data to make better decisions. 

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Features of the Salesforce / Phone System Integration
    • Click–to-Dial – Start a call from within Salesforce any time a phone number is available
    • Inbound Screen Pops – Inbound screen pops provide instant visibility of who is calling and relevant contact information is displayed before the call is answered
    • Real-Time Analytics – Measure representative and campaign success to understand call quality, not just quantity
    • Automatic Note-Taking – Post a call note when you click–to-dial

    • Single Sign on to MiCloud Connect Contact Center – In support of brilliant simplicity, MiCloud Connect Contact Center agents can log in and set their availability from within the Salesforce application
    • Workspace Transfer – With Workspace Transfer, service agents are able to transfer the entire user workspace along with the phone call for an optimized customer service experience
    • Presence Monitoring – Know if a colleague is available to take a call prior to calling or transferring a customer.

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